How to pay for Facebook ads from Nepal

How to pay for Facebook ads from Nepal

This question has been asked many times repeatedly. You try to pay for Facebook Boost/Ads using your debit/credit card issued by Nepali banks but Facebook doesn’t accept your payment method. This has been a major problem for those who are trying to advertise their business on social media.

First things, it is literally impossible to pay Facebook using your debit/credit card issued by Nepali Banks. Including, Standard Chartered on any other FDI banks.

Because RULES. It is impossible to send money outside Nepal without the permission from Nepal Rastra Bank (Central Bank). To send money outside Nepal you have to go through a long bureaucratic process which is too much of hassle. Debit/Credit cards issued by Nepali banks are only valid in Nepal & India. This applies for all cards issued by banks in Nepal.

This is the reason you cannot use Western Union, MoneyGram etc. to send money outside Nepal.

It is Possible to get internationally valid credit/debit card!

However, you have to meet these conditions:
1. You have to show your income in dollar i.e. show that you are getting money from abroad.
2. You are going outside the country (as a student, tourist, etc.). You can get a debit/credit card with around USD $2000. You MUST show Visa, Passport, and air ticker for this.

Solutions: How to Pay for Facebook ads from Nepal.

  1. Ask your friend living abroad to let you use his/her debit/credit card and you pay their family here in Cash. You can link their card as a payment method in your ad account.
  2. Tie up a deal with a local marketing agency. They will look over your campaign and make payment as per requirement.
  3. Use this website called They let you create Facebook ad and pay in Nepali Rupee. They are companies based in Nepal so support and contact would be easy.

Other Note.

Few banks have upgraded their system. This has enabled the use of your credit/debit card to pay online. However, you use this only in Nepali shopping website that has gateway enabled. As of now, Visa, Mastercard, and SCT card can be used. Khalti wallet allows you to load cash in wallet using debit card. You can buy using the debit/credit card on limited ecommerce websites like in Nepal .

It is expected that by the end of 2018 all major “A” class bank will have this system for online payment enabled (inside Nepal).

I hope I have made things clear. Let me know if you have any question.

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This is Pritush, from Nepal!

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