Aalucha – Branding, Brand Strategy & Implementation
Aalucha - Branding, Brand Strategy & Implementation 1

Aalucha started from small rented space at Bhaktapur Durbar Square back in mid-2017. Aalucha had a unique product – tornado fries. The origin of tornado fries can be traced backed to Mexico.

The target audience of Aalucha was youth and thus needed a youthful and fun branding strategy.  I initially thought of Red or Purple. But both red and purple were used by major brands like Coca Cola, NCell, Khalti, Sastodeal, etc.

Finally, after a research binge yellow was chooses as a brand color. The primary color was complimented by hint of orange and brown.

Why Yellow?

Well because it is associated with warmth, fun, friendliness, and creativity. I would say it is a perfect match!

Besides interior were also designed to create a fun environment and encourage the people to take a photo. I have to say, the goal was realized.

Currently, Aalucha is located in Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Mangalbazar, Patan.