The Wheels Pvt. Ltd

The Wheels Pvt. Ltd

Web development and design for The Wheels Pvt. Ltd, Bhaktapur, Nepal.

Work done:
Web deign, development and copy-writing.

About the company:
The Wheels is an authorized dealer of Yamaha bikes, scooter, spares and boast itself for excellent service delivery. The company started in year 2013 and was able to position itself as the leading showroom for motorbikes in short time period.

Detail of work done:
The first website for The Wheels was developed in year 2013. I was fortunate enough to work on the first design. The website developed in year 2013 and pretty much followed the design trend of year 2013. The layout was mobile friendly since the beginning.

Website design of The Wheels, 2013 – mid 2015. You can find the latest website design of The Wheels below.

The 2013 design was still OK till 2015. Yet, it was missing out lots of new technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JS and responsiveness was not the best. I worked on official website of “The Wheels” and gave it a major re-design on mid 2015. I worked on to make sure the website is fully responsive, reflect modern design trend and look best all around. As a result, the new website featured big images, responsive layout and parallax elements.

Below is the screenshot of the website “The Wheels” is currently using. The website received minor re-design again in October 2016 to reflect the changing design trend.

I used red color as primary color for the website because the brand color of Yamaha is red.

The website was build on WordPress CMS since the beginning.
Url :
If you are in need of WordPress development please feel free to contact me.

Current website of The Wheels.


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