You are currently viewing QR generator to quickly generate QR Code for your Bank account.

QR generator to quickly generate QR Code for your Bank account.

Quick Response code known as QR codes is changing the way certain action is performed. Besides using it for redirecting the users to website, mail, social media pages it has also found its way into financial transactions. FonePay is a popular payment network in Nepal and has the majority of banks as a partner. FonePay enables the user to perform inter bank transactions and merchant transactions by scanning QR codes through their mobile banking app.

To get a QR code, you either need to have mobile banking app or if you are a business you need to register via FonePay website for Merchant QR code/QR Stand.

During my free time, I made a QR generator which generates QR code for your account. The QR code is scannable by mobile banking app and can be used for fund transfer – interbank or within the same bank.

How QR code is generated?
FonePay parses a JSON string to initiate the fund transfer process. I made a form field in HTML and JS script to read those texts in form fields. The JS then converts those fields to JSON string and finally that JSON string is converted to QR code using external API.

This is a fairly simple app with limited application. I hope it will be of use to you.


This is Pritush, from Nepal!

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