Don’t let your dreams be dreams

Don’t let your dreams be dreams

Traveling by public bus has been my day-to-day schedule; there is nothing special in traveling by bus. You sit (if there is a seat) and very patiently and monotonously wait to reach destination. One time, early morning I was traveling by public bus as usual to reach college. I generally don’t give much attention to detail surrounding me and there is no point on giving detail attention to things when you have traveled same route and had same boring experience thousands of time. So, as usual I sat in a seat musing on my own That morning, as usual conductor, who seemed to be around 20/22 started to collect fare from front; I was in mid row. Then all of sudden conductor’s grungy t-shirt caught my eye. It had a quote written on it, it read “Don’t let your dreams be dreams”.

Also, I want to show you this bus I made in Autodesk Sketchbook.




This is Pritush, from Nepal!

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