Selling hot tees

Selling hot tees

I once sold t-shirts. And it was hot, literally.

Tshirt Nepal Underground
Photo : This is the Tshirt.

Back in summer of 2014, to capitalize the brand image of NepalUnderground, we printed custom and made it available for sale. The process was very well planned and we even made to-do checklist. But the company that was supposed to make tshirts delayed the process. I had plan to sell from Friday and had a shitty distribution idea. The plan was to start pop-up store/sale like thing and sell it from the per-defined site. I don’t know what I was thinking when I came up with this stupid idea, not sure if I was even thinking. At that time online-shopping in Nepal was non-existent. There were handful, but in infancy status.

Day 1, Friday
One customer (the only customer) called for t-shirt. But we had no tshirts. We went to the factory and they were frantically printing and ironing the t-shirts. The one and only customer had been waiting for almost an hour. We took the tshirts and rushed to deliver. When we hand the tshirt to him, it was still hot. We can feel the heat and he too ca feel the heat. Getting a hot momo was one thing, but getting hot t-shirt !! It was an awkward and funny situation.

Who would have thought of being served a hot t-shirt?
Also the original plan of pop-up store/sale thing was horrible and failed miserably. The backup plan of which we were pessimistic worked far better.




This is Pritush, from Nepal!

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