Why you shouldn’t donate to Rebuild Dharara campaign

Why you shouldn’t donate to Rebuild Dharara campaign

As a patriotic move, the government has decided to rebuilt Dharara on its own; without asking for any fund from foreigners. Dharara was definitely a historic landmark of Kathmandu, Nepal and it does have significant importance . In hypothesis, donating to rebuilt this magnificent piece of architecture should definitely be a great deed. Sooner or lrater Heritage Department of Kathmandu Metropolitan or government has to rebuild it, but not by begging money from people. Here are my reasons why you shouldn’t donate to Dharara campaign.

  • Because victims of earthquake are still living in a tent and temporary shelters. Some of them even died because of cold and lack of relief materials.
  • Because government was piss poor in utilizing donations. According to government, half of the money is already spent and the result is 0 to none.
  • The Dharara was leased to private company. Chances as high it will again be leased to some private company after reconstruction is completed.
  • The only renovation 200+ years old Dharara got was a thin paint in outer layer. Letting people climb this age old tower was a disaster waiting to happen.
  • Dharara was not leased for free, loads of cash was involved. Use that money, instead of begging
  • People paid tax to government, so that government can spend on infrastructures. Use tax money!
  • Dharara was milked for commercial purpose. Though I’m not sure, I assume it must have been insured in some way, right?

Is they any reason you should donate to government (besides patriotism) ?


This is Pritush, from Nepal!

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