How government should have started a Rebuild Dharara Campaign.

How government should have started a Rebuild Dharara Campaign.

After a year, government is slowly showing their interest in rebuilding. Dharara is currently government’s priority. KP Oli lead government made a new equation i.e. Dharara = National Pride. So, it will be made from ground up – without using foreign donation; instead donation collected from Nepali people will be used.

The plan sounds good but it isn’t. I highly doubt if government will be able to collect donation. People are aware it was leased to private company and most probably will be again leased to a private company. It’s like, you give your friend money to build a house, he builds a house and rents it to someone else. Plus, you don’t get share from that revenue and you are charged for visiting that house. Other concerning points on why you shouldn’t donate to Dharara were mentioned in previous post.

The simple reason government is asking for donation is because government is poor and they don’t have money. Where there is a will they is a way. Here are some ways government can raise money to rebuild dharara – without foreign donation & begging.

Ask for Loan:
This one is fairly easy. Ask for loans with banks! Banks are always looking for profitable business to invest in and give loans. If 7-9 banks come together, budget to rebuild dharara will be met.

Issue Share:
Nepali people are always eager to invest in shares. Show the balance sheet of last few years and earning per share to the people. Government will be able to collect 10x more amount than needed. I assume milking of Dharara has been profitable. Though I speculate, the share price might not reach steep height in secondary market. Mostly because of its limited operation. But it will still be profitable.

Government and municipality should build it by themselves:
Because government and Kathmandu Municipality too need a source of income. If they themselves invest in rebuilding and they can continue charging people & tourists, rent-out some areas to food stalls and earn money. ROI is almost a guarantee on this.

These ideas might sound crazy, but still make sense than what we have been hearing. Also, cement companies, paint companies and steel companies will most probably give a handsome discount heartily for PR and to see their name on this landmark.
Also KP Oli should fire his adviser who has been giving bullocks plans such as collection donation from people, generating electricity from air, gas pipeline etc.


This is Pritush, from Nepal!

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